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Brant Foraging at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge
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The picture of this Brant Foraging was taken at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Queens New York. An abundant small goose of the ocean shores, the Brant breeds in the high Arctic tundra and winters along both coasts.

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Common Eider

Common Eider
Common Eider
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The picture of this Common Eider was photographed in Jones Beach State Park at the Coast Guard Station in New York. The Common Eider is the largest duck on North America.

To hear the sounds of the Common Eider click on the arrow above.

Ring-billed Gull in Flight Closeup

Ring-billed Gull in Flight

Ring-billed Gull in Flight

This interesting closeup of this Ring-billed Gull was taken at Stuyvesant Cove on the East River in Manhattan. Ring-billed Gulls in many cases will winter at the same location every year and there are many Ring-billed Gulls that visit Stuyvesant Cove during the winter. It has become one of my favorite locations to photograph Gulls and this year cormorants.

Black-capped Chickadee on Hand

The picture of this Black-capped Chickadee on hand was taken at the New York Botanical Gardens. The chickadee and titmouse are very “friendly” at the gardens and will respond if you put your hand out even if you do not have any seeds for them. I love feeling the life force in their little bodies when they are on my hand.